There is still hope!

15 12 2005

Someone replied in my Arrested Development post that it might be picked up by another network, and I thought that alone deserved its own post!

I did a little digging, and Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are writing that ABC and Showtime are interested in paying for more episodes to be made, even at the prohibitive cost of $1.6 million per episode. That cost is partly because of the large casts salaries, but also because the amount of scenes (roughly 60) per 22 minute episode. Although AD is a massive hit on DVD, making it runs at a loss and will continue to do so until 88 episodes are made and it can be sold into syndication, then everyone gets rich. So I personally can’t see anyone ponying up roughly $50 million for 30+ more episodes. However if Showtime did buy it, even though they allow swearing, I hope they keep the bleeps in because when they use them so creatively, its kind of funnier than hearing the swearwords. If that makes sense.

In the meantime, click here to hear David Cross’ crazy on-set on camera rant at Fox over their treatment of AD. This link doesn’t contain bleeps 😉




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