Let me put my Analrapy stocking on…

3 01 2006

Just watched what could well be the last Arrested Development ever on FOX (its being replaced by Skating With Celebrities/ Skating With the Stars, yay!), and it was pure gold from start to finish.

The satire was so on-point, their piss-takes of the desperate tactics TV shows use these days to draw viewers, it was, as always, so cleverly executed. The “3-D”, the “live” show, the “simple, relatable” storyline, one character dies!… people are indeed, idiots. What a perfect way to go out on a crap network.

If there is a funnier line on television this year than that old lady saying “you could charm the black off a telegram boy” and then Ron Howard narrating “I’ll tell you now, she’s the one who dies.”, I can’t wait to hear it. Here is hoping FOX announce its cancellation so Showtime or ABC can pick it up.

For now I will leave you with TV Gal‘s best in show awards AD speech which comes across as a bit of an obituary.

You know how Aaron Sorkin had “Sports Night” before the commercial success of “The West Wing”? And J.J. Abrams was dealing with “Felicity” before he hit it big with “Alias” and even bigger with “Lost”? Well I’ve become rather philosophical about “Arrested Development.” Perhaps this only means that Mitch Hurwitz has a bigger and more hilarious show in store for us. But the problem with this new and improved Zen theory is I don’t know how that is possible. How can anything be more hilarious than the no-holds-barred freedom “Arrested Development” unabashedly demonstrates in every episode. More than ever they assume their audience is smart enough to get the joke and let it fly from there. Better to have watched and loved “Arrested Development” than to never watch the series at all.

Me? I’m giving up on television. There is nothing else I drop everything to watch, and I already see eight hours of tripe a day at work. I’m gonna take looong baths in primetime from now on, and listen to Radio 4 more often. Walks in the park, help the homeless.. yeah. I guess there is still “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, but that season 5 finale looked kind of… final. poop.




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