Another number one for the Bluth family

8 01 2006

Click here if you so desire. There is a lot of debate here as to whether 2 new episodes that were scheduled and then replaced (with a house repeat) will be on tomorrow night at 8. The Fox website contradicts itself and Tivo and Yahoo are saying House. I sure hope somebody is dedicated enough to check who is right and put it online if it is aired. Anyone?

AD also won the Save One Show Poll over at E! Online.




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9 01 2006

just an update on this. It seems that Twentieth Century FOX will be selling its TV shows on itunes from tomorrow (after Steve Jobs Keynote speech at Macworld) and they will include 3 of the 4 unaired AD episodes they have.

I’m also reading that production has started again, but it is unclear at this point whether it is Showtime or ABC that have bought the show .

10 01 2006

it was not on TV last night they showed House instead. I hope that itunes thing is true though.

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