Rupert Murdoch

14 03 2006

I like this guy. Not because he ultimately pays 50% of my wages, not at all.
Its the way he built up his empire circumventing rules set by authorities to stop that very thing happening. Here in the UK he didn’t get a licence for satellite broadcasting, so he launched his own satellite into space, pointed it at the UK and blew away the competition, eventually buying the company (BSB) who *were* given the licence.

Now he gets 8 million in the UK to pay his company £30 or more a month for the privilege of putting a satellite dish on the side of their house and receiving oodles of programming, most of it absolute shi’ite. He started a fourth TV network in the US when they said it couldn’t be done, and that network, 20 years later, is number one in adults 18-49, with most of their programming headed towards the lowest common denominator.

He took a crap newspaper and tapped into the soul of chavs everywhere, telling his editors to fill it with boobs and sport, as well as feelgood stories with no words longer than three syllables, and made it far and away the bestseller in the land. When the workers tried to strike for more pay, he secretly built new “electronic” priniting presses down in Wapping and the next time they striked, he fired everyone! Coldbloooded! The guy knows how to turn technology into profit. He is so in tune with what different cultures want it is scary.

I’m glossing over some of the terrible (and great) stuff he has done just to get to my point. As Bob Dylan once said, the times they are-a changing. And this week Rupert Murdoch says (and I’ve been saying this for 2 years now) that we are entering another golden age.

“Power is moving away from the old elite in our industry – the editors, the chief executives and, let’s face it, the proprietors,” said Mr Murdoch, having flown into London from New York after celebrating his 75th birthday on Saturday.

Far from mourning its passing, he evangelised about a digital future that would put that power in the hands of those already launching a blog every second, sharing photos and music online and downloading television programmes on demand. “A new generation of media consumers has risen demanding content delivered when they want it, how they want it, and very much as they want it,”

(Click the title of this post for the full transcript)

He knows it, everybody knows it, the internet is like some rabid monster that consumes all. If anything can be digitised, it can be enjoyed at your leisure, and not on someone elses coin or within someone elses timeframe. the only limit is the speed of broadband in your country.

Your grandchildren will not understand what you are talking about when you tell them you paid a man to come round and attach a dish to the side of your house to watch programming and they put a TV guide through your door telling you when to watch what. Or that you paid up every day to read 60 sheets of paper for one mans slanty view of the news. Or that you paid one company for a set of encyclopedias that were out of date before you even took the wrapping off the letter A.

Now that, my friends, is how you write a geeky post! come on!!




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19 03 2006

Well kinda inkeeping with your Murdoch theme. I bought the autobiography (well kinda, it really is only aobut his career) of Piers Morgan, the editor of the Mirror / News of World / Sun and so on. He describes in there very well what it’s like to work with Murdoch.

You should check it out, you’d probably find it really interesting.

20 03 2006

thanks, i’ll definitely look into it. Not a big fan of Piers Morgan so I’ll see if I can borrow it off someone… or maybe steal it (just kidding!)

19 06 2010
The Glenn Beck Review

There’s more to Murdoch than his desire to make money. I have a post up this weekend about Rupert Murdoch that may interest you. When I found the information, my eyes popped out.

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