Arrested Development

28 07 2006

this is it, my final ever story on Arrested Development. Its just a press release really, but… yeah. Finishing sentences is hard. “mmmm-mmmm, cups!” (disregard that if you haven’t seen me in a while.)

Anywho, whereever you are on planet Earth you will now be able to watch all 53 episodes in their entirety, at a time of your choosing.

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Chappelle’s show

12 07 2006

Last Sunday the third season of Chappelle Show started on Comedy Central, and for anyone with broadband I guess. When I watched it, I was rocking in my chair and my head was hurting (from laughter, not crack or anything like that). At some points he may have gone too far, but in general he was as funny and accurate as ever.

In one sketch, he is in a club listening to the new Tupac song, as you do.
The joke isn’t so much about Tupac still releasing records way past his untimely demise, but more the fact that his lyrics are always so relevant for someone who has been dead for 12 years!

You can see another sketch (in poor video quality) from last Sundays show on my Youtube channel, along with some other shorts that I like.

EDIT:- The second and third episodes have been leaked onto the interweb, so if you know where to find them, do it now!

No Beer and No TV make Homer something something…

4 07 2006

There is nothing to watch at the moment, but I bring you news of TV to look out for in 2007.

Well the dust has settled at the LA screenings and almost every TV show screened has been bought by broadcasters in the UK. These are the shows that I will give a go (providing they aren’t cancelled with in the first few months), and the UK channels that have purchased them, if you prefer to watch your TV when you’re told to. 😉

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