Arrested Development

28 07 2006

this is it, my final ever story on Arrested Development. Its just a press release really, but… yeah. Finishing sentences is hard. “mmmm-mmmm, cups!” (disregard that if you haven’t seen me in a while.)

Anywho, whereever you are on planet Earth you will now be able to watch all 53 episodes in their entirety, at a time of your choosing.

Fox Entertainment signed 3 deals today, one with G4 for a run on basic cable, another with HDnet for a showing of all the eps in HD, and a third deal with MSN, for a Video-on-Demand type dealie worldwide.

read all about it here.

“We’re thrilled that this groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed show will find an entirely new audience through a variety of complementary platforms – from rich media, to hi-def TV to cable,” said Peter Levinsohn, President of Fox Digital Media. “This is the first time a series has been licensed to three platforms simultaneously, a testament to the explosion of the aftermarket for high-end content. We’re actively developing this exciting new arena with partners like MSN, HDNet and G4.”

Produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television and Imagine Entertainment, the multiple award-winning “Arrested Development” ran for three years on FOX and was one of the most celebrated comedies in network history.




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