Autumn (Fall) is upon us

17 09 2006

Well, the summer is over! Broadband pipes in the UK, Australia and the rest of the English speaking world are about to heat up because the new US TV season is almost upon us! I was watching Entourage and Weeds and it just kind of snuck up behind me!
To start with, I’m going to tell you a great way to download TV is the itunes music store. They have been serving up TV for almost a year now, but as I wrote in a post below, they have upped the resolution in anticipation of the new season, and it is now better quality than standard definition TV. Anyway, onto the actual programming.

“Prison Break” is back, and the first 4 episodes are as good as this show has been. In hindsight, maybe it was getting a bit claustrophobic in the prison. William Fitchner (the Sheriff from invasion) is playing the TommyLee Jones role of a Federal Marshall in charge of brinnging the fugitives back. its not bad stuff.

Also on FOX on the same night, there is a new show called “Vanished”. Its about a senator whose wife is kidnapped, and the race against time to get her back. It has a very similar feel to 24, with a flashback plot device reminiscent of “Lost” or maybe even the short-lived “Reunion”. I think each ep is set over a day or something… yea check it out.

Starting on Monday, is a comedy from the creator of the West Wing, Aaron Sorkin. Studio 60 focuses on a “Saturday night live” type show and the behind the scenes shenanigans at the network and whatnot. It looks great. And I can guarantee it won’t be cancelled by November. Here is the trailer that is currently running in US cinemas.

Studio 60 will be available on Youtube, and itunes, for those of you with a US account. And it has Matthew Perry in it, and he is almost always funny!

Last week I watched the start of the second series of Extras, and it was funny and well observed as ever. He is still pillaging plotlines wholesale from Season 4 of Seinfeld though. I remember my sister telling me about the “crap sitcom within a a good sitcom idea” when she first moved to the US, and I thought the idea was really clever then. I can imagine most people think Ricky gervais is doing something original, but I’m here to burst your bubble!

Shaun Williamson is hilarious, I just can’t help thinking there is a role for Karl Pilkington in here somewhere.. even just as an extra. Here is my favourite moment from the episode, Gervais even manages to namecheck Dave Chappelle to a (presumably) bemused BBC audience. Watch it now!

Lenny Henry got a rough ride there.. he was funny back in the day, if I remember correctly.

After Extras, the new program from the guys that brought you Peep Show was on. What i saw of it was terrible. As always, the BBC take the creative talents of a promising comedic duo, and gives them a sketch show, complete with recurring characters, and “hilarious” abstract catchphrases in a vein attempt to recreate their Fast Show/Big Train glory days. I haven’t seen any more of this show, but at a guess I imagine that over the coming weeks the catchphrases will become darker, the situations the recurring characters are put in will become more abstract with roles being reversed, and more pathos will be injected in… a 10 year old could make a sketch show these days. and thats my final word on them! wow!

Later on in the week, I watched the Jonathon Ross show. Next time you tune in, play this game. See how many seconds he can last with any guest (male or female) before turning the conversation towards sex. This guy is just a dirty old man, with a piss poor interview technique! and to think he is on the highest salary at the BBC! Thats your money people! aaaaand breaaathe.

What I’m watching this week:-
Extras, Thursday 9pm BBC2
Respectable, Wednesday 10.30pm five
Prison Break, Monday 9pm FOX (itunes)
Weeds, Monday 10pm Showtime (itunes)
Freaks & Geeks (on my HDD)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (DVD)
Vanished (

What I’m avoiding this week, as I do every week.
-Anything ending in ‘enders, street, dale or bill. In fact, any soaps that have been on since I was a child (or before I was born) with no resolution in sight.
-Anything that involves elimination, and/or calling a premium rate number to vote someone off.




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