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19 09 2006

This blog is getting a bit techie isn’t it? Don’t worry luddites, I’ve got a feature coming up on abacus’s (abaci?) that will knock you off your feet! Booyah! Until then I have a bit of news for you that interest me.

Apple announced today that they sold 125,000 movies in the first week since their motion picture download service went live. A quick check on itunes says that “Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Mans Chest” was the number 1 movie. With the craptastic Nicholas Cage film “National Treasure” at Number 2, I can imagine Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom accounted for a fair amount of those 125k first week sales. When the other 5 studios come on board, this will be a big thing. In other Apple news, the company admitted today that they were in talks with Google about including a Google Video menu on their forthcoming iTV media box, allowing you to download paid-for content from the new media giants average video portal. Imagine that, being charged to see a cat fall into a toilet or something…

Speaking of those media boxes, in the UK Apple will be competing with BT’s Vision, a Freeview box with a hard drive and an ethernet connection, letting you download TV-on demand using your broadband connexione. Sounds theory. The box is being made by Phillips, which sets them back before they’ve even started in my opinion. Anyway, BT have signed a few content deals, including one with Universal for over 150 movies on demand, and more recently they revealed a plan to have a social networking site in the style of Myspace or Youtube, called BT Podshow, and today they announced a deal for downloadable music videos (again with the music videos) from Emap, to be called “The Hits on Demand”. What a clever well thought out title.

And to think I thought I didn’t have anything to write about today. I was going to tell you about my 1 hour 15 minute journey home from hell, but I’ll save that for another day… how exciting, I bet you can’t wait!




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