We can be Heroes.

29 10 2006

This is a tough one. I love it, but millions won’t. If you don’t like comic books, forget it. If you like your stories based firmly in reality, no go. If you can’t handle a bit of Sci-fi, the dream is over.

If you are still reading, this may be for you. Heroes is the story of 9 ordinary people who find they suddenly have extraordinary powers. That’s it. That’s all I can say. It starts off slow, but by episode 4 your head will be spinning. It is actually *better than the premise suggests. Granted there is *a lot* of cheesy dialogue, the sort found in a summer blockbuster written for people who drool when they talk, but if you can put up with that, heroes has an intelligent plot (so far) worthy of Chris Claremont’s finest X-Men story, days of Future Past. In fact, avid X-Men fans may see this as a bit of a rip-off.

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24: Season 6

26 10 2006

The hype begins now.

Murdoch strikes back!

20 10 2006

Just a quick note to say that in shock news this afternoon, BSkyB outbid Channel 4 for seasons 3 and 4 of Lost.

We are confident that Sky will build upon the established success of Lost, bringing the series to viewers in flexible ways, ideally suited to its watercooler, must-see status,” said Tom Toumazis, evp at BVITV EMEA.

Sky One head Richard Woolfe said that Lost had been “the envy of every network” since its launch on Channel 4 last year. “The series has defined TV drama over the last two years,” he added. “We are absolutely thrilled to bring it to Sky One.”

There is a lot of bleating right now over on Lost forums all over the UK, people angry because they only have terrestrial or freeview and won’t get to see it. boo frickin’ hoo! If these people who are dying to see it don’t want to splash out £7.50 a month for a Sky package that includes Sky One, don’t want to pay $1.99 for Lost on itunes, don’t want to ask a friend to record it for them, and don’t want to download it for free via bittorrent.. they should just shut up. Watch Holby City then go and read a book.

Season 3 of Lost will begin on Sky One (and naturally on Sky One HD) next month.

five download service

19 10 2006

five started their download service last week, with a tried and trusted program. They are now selling the worlds biggest TV franchise, Crime Scene Investigation, after striking a deal with Alliance Atlantis, the shows distributor.

Episodes that have been on air are priced at £1.49, and there is also an option to buy an episode a week before it is due to air on five, for £2.49. I haven’t taken the plunge to check out the quality, but it would have to be pretty good to beat the stuff on itunes. Oh yes, and there is a catch. Each episode can only be viewed for 14 days, before it expires and can’t be played anymore. That will just never catch on. Its not buying at all, its renting.

I would love to see how many people take up five on this most generous offer. An illegal High definition download is only a click away a few hours after transmission in the US, a 640×480 version is available for roughly 93p about a day after transmission from Apple… I think five must try harder.


18 10 2006

After the success of Ugly Betty in the US, the BBC have announced that they will be exploring the telenovela format very soon, and are looking at a number of ideas.

They all share a certain quality,” Ms Tranter said. “They’ve all got that brio and spirit. They don’t take themselves too seriously and yet emotionally they’re quite tough. When it’s joy, it’s real joy and when it’s pain, it’s real pain.”

But she promised that any BBC telenovela would stay true to the spirit of the genre and not tip into irony or kitsch. “They aren’t the stuff of UK television culture so you have to understand what it is before you start breaking the rules. If we take some of the things that are very strong in it and have permission to have a bit of fun, we’ll probably get something really good out of it.

So basically, the Beeb will write an Eastenders with an ending? Maybe where the inhabitants of the set all meet an untimely fiery explosive over-the-top end? Good luck with that!

This week I am mostly watching…

12 10 2006

This week, I’ve been watching Galapagos on BBC two, and it is as good as, if not better than Planet Earth. That must be the dream job for a cameraman, shooting raw footage of unseen nature, in a beautiful habitat.

I actually downloaded a Hi-Def version of episode 2, and… wow. I’m always cussing Hi-definition TV as a waste of time at this early stage, but this has to be seen to be believed.

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TV Piracy

5 10 2006

There is a story below that shows the extent of TV piracy as of the start of the 2006-2007 TV season. My thoughts after the guff.

Web piracy hits foreign broadcasters – Reuters

Nothing seems to be safe from entertainment content thieves who now are causing even the international TV sector some major headaches.

Broadcasters are increasingly irked that expensiveHollywood TV shows are being downloaded off the Internet andexploited by pirates long before their scheduled broadcast intheir territories.

Piracy has forced the film sector to close the windowbetween domestic U.S. and international debuts. Now the samething is happening on the TV front. The debut in Australia ofthe CBS drama “Jericho” within hours of its U.S. bow a couple of weeks ago likely will pave the way for more “day-and-date”launches in foreign territories.


In fact, British broadcaster Sky One recently refined itsdeal with News Corp. sibling 20th Century Fox Television to airthe next season of “24” within a week of its U.S. broadcast.Research has identified “24” as the single-most illegallyviewed TV program on the Internet in the U.K.

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A first week success…

1 10 2006

Well I watched it, and the first signs are that it is as cheesy as the Colombian telenovela it was based on… but I like it. Halfway through, my girlfriend asked me if its going to be too girly for me to stick with, but I can handle it! I am safe enough in my masculinity to watch a show with girlie overtones! Anywho, read the full story below…

‘Ugly Betty’ on ABC is TV’s top-rated (AP)