A first week success…

1 10 2006

Well I watched it, and the first signs are that it is as cheesy as the Colombian telenovela it was based on… but I like it. Halfway through, my girlfriend asked me if its going to be too girly for me to stick with, but I can handle it! I am safe enough in my masculinity to watch a show with girlie overtones! Anywho, read the full story below…

‘Ugly Betty’ on ABC is TV’s top-rated (AP)



2 responses

1 10 2006

When is it on? Sorry too busy and too lazy me! 😉

The cheeseness of the Colombian version was actually sth that did attract me to it. I guess everybody needs a bit of cheeseness in their lives after being cool, posh, wicked or even supersupercool for most of the time…healthy 🙂

1 10 2006

its actually just started in the US, you can find if you know where to look 😉 (abc.com actually)!!

In the UK, it will start on Channel 4 and E4 in January.–>

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