This week I am mostly watching…

12 10 2006

This week, I’ve been watching Galapagos on BBC two, and it is as good as, if not better than Planet Earth. That must be the dream job for a cameraman, shooting raw footage of unseen nature, in a beautiful habitat.

I actually downloaded a Hi-Def version of episode 2, and… wow. I’m always cussing Hi-definition TV as a waste of time at this early stage, but this has to be seen to be believed.

Over on BBC Four, Jack Dee is starring in what is being billed as Britains answer to (why doesn’t anyone in British TV ever pose any questions of their own) Curb your Enthusaism. Lead Balloon had some funny moments, but the star of the show is his au pair, with a now standard Eastern European accent. (Random observation 19863: It seems it has been the case since ITV took the format of FOX’s “That 70’s Show” and created the abomination that was “Those were the Days”, latinos are replaced by Eastern Europeans in the UK for added comedy value.) Click here to watch episodes of Lead balloon on the BBC Four.

Over on five, Respectable finished and showed that touch of heart that made it quite a good show. I don’t know how it did ratings wise, but I think it deserves a second series. Extras continue to dazzle despite its predictability. Stephen Merchant and Shaun Williamson are doing great, but Ashley Jensen deserves better writing. Here is a clip from behind the Scenes of Last weeks episode.

Across the pond, I’ve been watching Heroes, but I don’t know why. Its soooo cheesy. Proper De Bourcin. Every line is delivered with this fake gravitas, and the coincidences that link people together are tenuous at best. But I will stick with it, because… I see some good in it. Studio 60 keeps getting better, but the ratings are getting worse. Which is par for the course these days for anything remotely interesting, that requires more than 3 brain cells work. 30 Rock, a new sitcom written by Tina Fey, made me laugh out loud while I was sitting on my own, which is no mean feat. It premieres tonight in the US, I hope it does well. I’m also looking forward to watching the 2nd episode of The Nine, just to see if the premise has any legs. Beyond that, its all about Lost. Click here to see the ratings for the top 20 programs last week in the US, in all measures, 18-49 and 25-54. Or click below to see a clip of 30 Rock.

What I’ll be watching this week-
Lead Balloon (I’ll give it another chance) BBC4 Wed 10.30
Studio 60 (itunes)
Lost (itunes)
The Nine (itunes)
Extras (BBC2 Thurs 9pm)
Galapagos (BBC2 Fri 9pm)

What I’ll be avoiding this week-
Soaps that use explosions and serial killers as a way of avoiding writing out characters using skill and talent.
Crap thoughtless pap.




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