Murdoch strikes back!

20 10 2006

Just a quick note to say that in shock news this afternoon, BSkyB outbid Channel 4 for seasons 3 and 4 of Lost.

We are confident that Sky will build upon the established success of Lost, bringing the series to viewers in flexible ways, ideally suited to its watercooler, must-see status,” said Tom Toumazis, evp at BVITV EMEA.

Sky One head Richard Woolfe said that Lost had been “the envy of every network” since its launch on Channel 4 last year. “The series has defined TV drama over the last two years,” he added. “We are absolutely thrilled to bring it to Sky One.”

There is a lot of bleating right now over on Lost forums all over the UK, people angry because they only have terrestrial or freeview and won’t get to see it. boo frickin’ hoo! If these people who are dying to see it don’t want to splash out £7.50 a month for a Sky package that includes Sky One, don’t want to pay $1.99 for Lost on itunes, don’t want to ask a friend to record it for them, and don’t want to download it for free via bittorrent.. they should just shut up. Watch Holby City then go and read a book.

Season 3 of Lost will begin on Sky One (and naturally on Sky One HD) next month.




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