We can be Heroes.

29 10 2006

This is a tough one. I love it, but millions won’t. If you don’t like comic books, forget it. If you like your stories based firmly in reality, no go. If you can’t handle a bit of Sci-fi, the dream is over.

If you are still reading, this may be for you. Heroes is the story of 9 ordinary people who find they suddenly have extraordinary powers. That’s it. That’s all I can say. It starts off slow, but by episode 4 your head will be spinning. It is actually *better than the premise suggests. Granted there is *a lot* of cheesy dialogue, the sort found in a summer blockbuster written for people who drool when they talk, but if you can put up with that, heroes has an intelligent plot (so far) worthy of Chris Claremont’s finest X-Men story, days of Future Past. In fact, avid X-Men fans may see this as a bit of a rip-off.

Its actually a shame that because it is comic-book based, there will be a number of high-brow types (normally people like me) who won’t give this a chance, when this is worthy of 43 mins of anyone’s time. In the UK, Heroes has yet to be picked up by any of the major networks, and will be airing on the Sci-fi channel from January. If you can’t wait that long… itunes bittorrent..blah blah blah. Watch the trailer right here, right now.

there may be some spoilers in the video above if you haven’t seen the show before, but its all moving so fast you’re bound to forget. Just a warning!

In other news, Season 2 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents is available on itunes right now. For those born after the 60’s, Alfred Hitchcock Presents was an Anthology series that ran on NBC between 1955 and the late 60’s, maybe early 70’s. This show spawned the Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits, if I’m not mistaken. Many of the later episodes were written and/or directed by Roald Dahl, who went on to copy the formula for his own Anthology show in the UK, Tales of the Unexpected, which used to scare me as a child. I bought 8 or 9 episodes from season 1 of Hitchcock from itunes before I realised I was probably going to watch them all, (And at $1.99 each that would add up to a pretty penny), so I bought the season 1 DVD from Play. If you don’t want to pay for each ep on itunes, you can also buy season 2 from Play. Anywho,

NBC have decided to move their new comedy “30 Rock” to Thursdays in November, alongside the premiere of the sixth (and possibly last ) season of Scrubs, in an attempt to recreate their Must-see-TV heyday, when they ruled Thursdays for 20 years with hits like Family Ties, Cosby Show, Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends. With ABC, CBS and FOX having no comedies of note on their schedule, this move means the best four comedies on US network TV are all on the same night, one after the other. “30 Rock” is a funny little program about the behind the scenes goings on of a variety show. It was created, written and stars Tina Fey, which was the reason I watched it. She wrote “Mean girls”, one of those teen rich girl vehicles which was actually funny. I don’t know when its coming to the UK, or who will be showing it, but catch it if you can. Here is a scene from next weeks episode.

Now I would like to tell you about the crap I have had the misfortune to watch, so you don’t have to! First up is Jericho. Don’t watch it, its nonsense. Can’t be bothered to explain why. (and that goes for all of these turds actually.) In no particular order, new shows Vanished, Kidnapped and The Nine, all average at best. This seasons Las Vegas & Smallville, below average.

I don’t know if they have become worse, or my threshold for poop is rising, but either way I’m not interested any more. We may be living in a golden age of TV, but you have to wipe away lots of poo to be able to let the good stuff shine through. And that’s the end of that chapter! Peace!




5 responses

29 10 2006

Thx Ed for pointing me to Heroes – seems like sth I may really enjoy 🙂

30 10 2006

About Alfred Hitchcock Presents – there were actually lots of anthology shows around at the time, and Rod Serling’s decision to do The Twilight Zone was based more around censorship issues than a desire to play “Me too,” so it’s highly unlikely he (not to mention Leslie Stevens, creator of The Outer Limits) was influenced by Hitch.

30 10 2006

Ok cool, thanks for the correction Cindylover! And thanks for visiting!

2 11 2006
Chris, Belfast

While I agree on The Nine ( I just have no idea where its going to be honest ) I’m gonna stick with Jericho. Not thats its been very good so far, but the premise is actually an interesting one, although the whole thing is just a bit too homely, colourful and full of too many do-gooders to make it must-watch.

It reminds me a lot of Invasion.

2 11 2006

yea, I think you’ve nailed it for me, its the do-gooders that irritate. Also the frequent montages with out-of-place music. And the mob mentality every episode.

It reminds me of invasion too, but the bad parts, not the stuff that kept me watching…

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