I need a “Hiro”.

30 11 2006

This week I watched some good TV. Same as last week. and the week before that. The highlights were Heroes, where Hiro Nakamura uttered the best line yet (Greato Scotto!) at just the right time. The Prison Break Fall finale was edge of the seat stuff, but the ending wasn’t as cliffhangy as previous episodes. (One thing about writing a blog is that you get to make up all the words you want). I just watched Veronica Mars, and one case was solved while another started. Much earlier than usual this season. Watch these three programs and you’re covered for laughs and drama, no need to watch anything else. Oh and 30 Rock. I need to laugh with someone else at the way Tracy Morgan says “Liz Lemon.”

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Jennifer Crittenden

16 11 2006

Who is she? I don’t know what this post is about, or the point I’m trying to get across. There is a woman out there whose name keeps appearing in my TV life. Please tell me I’m not the only one to notice this. Wikipedia says she wrote some episodes of The Simpsons back in the golden days, the standout example being “And Maggie Makes Three” which ends with the touching scene of homer back at the Nuclear plant, with the demotivational sign covered with pictures of Maggie to read “Do it for her”. Only a woman could have written that episode!

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Too much too young?

15 11 2006

I was planning to write something about the TV I’ve been watching the last week, but its that “November Sweeps” time of year, when there are new episodes of everything, and its all getting a bit much. Shows are blending into each other and I’m not laughing any more, or feeling anything much.

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Weekend links

11 11 2006

This is a new section, where I just give you a bunch of URL’s for stuff I’ve been looking at online.

Rumours of its demise were greatly exaggerated. Studio 60 given a full season. (Yahoo!)

Disney signs up for BT Vision, offers movies and whatnot. (Digital Spy)

NBC launch a broadband comedy channel. (DotComedy)

and finally, Borat and 20th century Fox sued by the heinous frat boys in the movie. (Hollywood Rag)

Lost: Season 3, episode 6

10 11 2006

I am going to stick my neck out and say that was the best episode of Lost since “Deus Ex Machina” back in Season 1. I don’t know where to begin. So I won’t. Watch it on Christmas Eve, on Sky One and Sky One HD.

Changing Landscape of British TV

9 11 2006

A day after confirming the new name of their cable/broadband/Telephone/mobile empire, it has emerged NTL Telewest are in talks with ITV for some sort of merger/acquistion type shenanigans.

I’m all for the merger, as long as it brings in a sea of change to UK TV, with well scripted programming combined with high production values bringing viewers back to ITV, the nations favourite TV network. Not bloody likely. Look forward to “Popstars: To the death” after “The Bill: Tyneside” followed by Ruth Rendell’s Taggarty Marple mysteries maybe solved by Poirot if Prime Suspect can’t make it. With that catchy title it can’t fail.

streaming TV to your xbox

7 11 2006

Does exactly what it says on the tin, in streaming HD quality. This along with Apples movies service, arriving in the UK on the 19th of Never. Us Brits will be watching movies cut in two by the news at 10 for a long time to come.

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