streaming TV to your xbox

7 11 2006

Does exactly what it says on the tin, in streaming HD quality. This along with Apples movies service, arriving in the UK on the 19th of Never. Us Brits will be watching movies cut in two by the news at 10 for a long time to come.


Film, TV downloads newly available via Xbox 360 – Reuters

Microsoft Corp. will unlock the digital-distribution capabilities of its next-generation console, Xbox 360, to Hollywood studios beginning November 22.


So yea, apart from the fact that you are going to need a pretty fast broadband connection to stream Hi-def anything, and a pretty big HDD to store Hi-def anything.. it sounds pretty good. (lots of ‘pretties” in that paragraph, got to do something about that). So I’m watiting for a response from Sony… oh here it is! taking the angle that people with the cheaper xbox won’t be able to store any of this streaming/downloadable content, a Sony spokesperson said:-

“PlayStation 3’s content is designed for everyone to enjoy right out of the box, no matter which configuration you purchase. We would never segregate or shut out any of our consumers from our entertainment experience because they didn’t buy the top of the line system.”

This war of words is getting ugly. I think its time Microsoft and Sony got a (big) room in a cheap motel, and used up all that pent-up aggression in a more positive way.




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