Changing Landscape of British TV

9 11 2006

A day after confirming the new name of their cable/broadband/Telephone/mobile empire, it has emerged NTL Telewest are in talks with ITV for some sort of merger/acquistion type shenanigans.

I’m all for the merger, as long as it brings in a sea of change to UK TV, with well scripted programming combined with high production values bringing viewers back to ITV, the nations favourite TV network. Not bloody likely. Look forward to “Popstars: To the death” after “The Bill: Tyneside” followed by Ruth Rendell’s Taggarty Marple mysteries maybe solved by Poirot if Prime Suspect can’t make it. With that catchy title it can’t fail.



One response

11 11 2006

I think NTL (Virgin) are tring to buy-in some original content here rather than anything else. Most people forget that ITV with all its regional televison centres make programmes which for NTL which started off as a Bricks and Mortar (Infrastructure Business) and then with Fletech became a bit of a redistributor needs its own original programming with the expertise already factored in without doing it from scratch. The problem is – ITV will cost them a good wedge (i.e. upwards of £1 Bn) and the NTL-Virgin shareholders will be keen for them to maximise their advertising revenue as a result. This probably will mean more cheaper (low rent shows), repeats, and old favorites while they try to pay back the leverage on the ITV deal! The upside will be that technically Virgin will be a huge player, both nationally and internationally and therefore should be in a good position to compete – at least from the redistrbution end. From a purely business perspective, the really interesting angle is where does all this leave C4 (circled by Sky up a channel, Virgin – down one and the behemoth which is the BBC on Free to Air)

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