Lost: Season 3, episode 6

10 11 2006

I am going to stick my neck out and say that was the best episode of Lost since “Deus Ex Machina” back in Season 1. I don’t know where to begin. So I won’t. Watch it on Christmas Eve, on Sky One and Sky One HD.



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10 11 2006

I am too Nerdy for it I tell ye.

All these emotions just left me confused. james™

10 11 2006
Chris, Belfast

It WAS great! Just as I was thinking ‘after all this time, would you really play their games?’ Jack shows theres a mean streak in him after all.

Now why do we have to wait so long to see what happens????

10 11 2006

Due to money – advertising money!

10 11 2006

Because each episode takes roughly 14 days to produce, meaning in a conventional TV season (September to May) they would catch up with themselves very quickly, even with filming starting in August.

Because viewers get fed up with repeats interspersing new episodes, they decided to only run new episodes this year in 2 blocks, one that we have just seen, and another 17 episode block starting in February. Hope that helps.

11 11 2006
Chris, Belfast

I actually knew the reason ;P

that was just a show of my frustration about a show that does nothing but… 🙂

12 11 2006

Best episode ever??? Don’t make me laugh, they are just stringing us along to drag out Lost for another season. Just tell us what the others want and finish all the drivel. Lost could have been good if they had wraped it up in one or two seasons. Are you sponsored by sky? or why do you wank over every one of their shows??

13 11 2006

for those wondering why my job isn’t so perfect, the comment above is by someone I work with.

Someone probably too broke/confused/basic to download TV via broadband, but JUST smart enough to leave anonymous comments on their co-workers blog.


13 11 2006

Oh well…unfortunately it does happen that we need to work with jerks. Welcome to the club!

15 11 2006
Jan the Jerk

Hello Ruvjet,

sorry I insulted you, not nice. It was just that I looked forward to watching this episode of lost so much after you wrote it was the best ever. I was so bitterly disapointed when I saw it, I just lashed out at the first person I could get my hands on. Don’t worry he is comming out of hopital soon. And then I wrote this hurtfull comment. Please don’t be scarred to come to work , I’m not a bully, just too confused to express my basic feelings and too broke to afford anger management.

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