I need a “Hiro”.

30 11 2006

This week I watched some good TV. Same as last week. and the week before that. The highlights were Heroes, where Hiro Nakamura uttered the best line yet (Greato Scotto!) at just the right time. The Prison Break Fall finale was edge of the seat stuff, but the ending wasn’t as cliffhangy as previous episodes. (One thing about writing a blog is that you get to make up all the words you want). I just watched Veronica Mars, and one case was solved while another started. Much earlier than usual this season. Watch these three programs and you’re covered for laughs and drama, no need to watch anything else. Oh and 30 Rock. I need to laugh with someone else at the way Tracy Morgan says “Liz Lemon.”

But apart from the TV I watched, I’ve been on a Youtube binge, looking back at some of my favourite funny moments of the past few years. Tobias Funke is just amazing, and although this character is dead, his legend lives on. Check out this compilation that someone put together for my benefit.

There is talk of David Cross showing up as Tobias Funke on Scrubs this season, but that would involve 20th Century Fox signing off to allow the character to be used in a rival studios comedy. And I don’t think thats going to happen.

Then there is the best “cockneys” sketch that the Fast Show people ever wrote. This sketch still gets quoted by me (when I’m alone in my room) all the time!

regular readers know how I feel about the state of BBC comedy today, and their slavish devotion to the sketch show. this is why. But they won’t do anything this funny again, until they innovate.

I’m going to throw in a Stewie Griffin clip because he is always funny, whatever he says. Here he is harassing Brian about the novel hes been writing for three years.

Funny stuff..

Tonight see the return of Scrubs to NBC for a sixth season. This show has been treated like a Bastard child since the beginning, thrown around the schedule because it is produced by a rival studio to the network that its on (For those in the UK, imagine Granada producing a show for the BBC). I’ll leave you with Zach Braff and Donald Faison, singing about the “Guy Love” that is burning within both of them.

To maintain that kind of consistent funny for over 100 episodes takes work. I know what I’ll be downloading tomorrow! Thank you and goodnight!!



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