How 24 revolutionised TV

14 12 2006


there is a good article here about how 24 revolutionised TV. I swear its just like one I have been planning to write for a little while now.

Back in 2001 the first season of 24 premiered. It was a modest hit. Then the DVD came out which started selling like mad. In an interview with IGN in 2002 Kiefer said that the DVD sales, for 24, in the UK actually knocked Lord of The Rings out of first place, something totally unheard of in the TV/DVD world.

That show sewd sowed sewed (?) the seed for all the serialised big budget programs we see now with former movie star casts. It made TV DVD sales bigger than movie sales, and it was the catalyst for downloading TV. the first show that you couldn’t wait for the next installment, you had to get it now!!! Speaking of which, you can download the 10 min “prequel” to Season 6 here, if you have the right software…




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