Trey Parker and Matt Stone in favour of downloading

16 12 2006

I was reading this long article here (don’t click it yet, it’s long and boring) about freedom of speech in the media, and I came across this quote from Matt Stone.

Stone: Our point was that if you’re going to pull this off for offending somebody, you don’t have any episodes of South Park left. Somebody will complain about every single episode.

When it looked like Comedy Central wasn’t going to rerun the Mary episode, people were still able to download it illegally online. Did you see that as a victory for free speech, or did you think, “My God, these people are stealing our intellectual property”?
Stone: We’re always in favor of people downloading. Always.

Reason: Why?

Stone: It’s how a lot of people see the show. And it’s never hurt us. We’ve done nothing but been successful with the show. How could you ever get mad about somebody who wants to see your stuff?

Parker: We worked really hard making that show, and the reason you do it is because you want people to see it.

Its all good, but I’m not sure they have thought about the long term implications of copyright theft. Maybe the *next* Trey Parker won’t be offered so much money by Viacom because of the all-round “freeness” of this interweb thingie. Which I suppose is good for the consumer, and bad for corporations… which is kind of good I guess. Maybe I need to reassess the long term effects of this illegal downloading doo-dah…




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