The Lost Room

30 12 2006

As some of you may know, I had to work over Christmas. I was cool with it. The original plan was to finally finish watching Season 1 of The Wire, so I’m no longer out of the loop. But I was out one day and my cousin went round to my place and “borrowed” my Season 1 DVD, meaning I won’t be seeing it for a little while.

Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise because that meant I got to watch The Lost Room.

Now, I only downloaded this because I saw it in Mininova’s charts, and coming up to Christmas, and all the shows I regularly watch are on hiatus until January/February. But I’m glad I did. It stars Six Feet Under’s Peter Krause and Julianna Margulies formelry of ER and latterly of Sopranos.

The plot is just different. There is a key. Put the key in any door and it leads to a room. Inside the room, there are many objects. Each object gives its owner different powers. Each time you shut the door to the room, it resets. Stay with me. Now this cop gets hold of the key, and his little daughter goes into the room by accident, and disappears. So it becomes his mission to find all the objects in the room, set everything right, and bring his daughter back (who he is currently fighting for custody of… I can tell, you’re not interested any more. But it was good, I assure you.

Check out the trailer below.




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