The Ruvvies 2006

1 01 2007

Thats right, the most important awards of the year are back! Pioneered on my old blog, they used to be about excellence in all fields, but really they are just a way of drawing your attention to some stuff I liked this year. On TV of course.

Best ComedyArrested Development

Was it ever going to be anything else? I’m pretty sure I will find something else funnier in my lifetime, and I can’t wait for whatever it is, because it will have to be damn good to beat this. Although only 5 episodes were actually broadcast in 2006, it was still funnier than anything else on the idiot box. The highlights were Gob pimping out his own sister to his brother, and the finale that mirrored the pilot. But my favourite moment from the whole of season 3 was Charlize Theron’s exit. 21 minutes of dream writing for one punchline.

Honourable mention – Extras

Although Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant turned in a script that borrowed heavily from Season 4 of Seinfeld, it was still quite funny, mainly due to the acting of the guests stars, as twisted versions of themselves. And Stephen Merchant’s performance as Kramer Darren Lamb. Extras was still a fair bit funnier than the next best british comedy, Peep Show. Bring back Game On, I say.

Best DramaHeroes

What a surprise this program was. I watched the pilot in June, and wasn’t too bothered about it. Then NBC rejigged it a bit and I thought I would stick with it. By the fourth episode I was hooked. Excellent imagination from the writers, but sometimes the acting is a bit of a letdown. The lack of suspense is a pleasant surprise though, it’s action all the way. Heroes starts in the UK on Feb 19th, on the Sci-fi channel. If you are stuck with 5 channels, look out for it on BBC2 in August. If you can’t wait until then, episodes are available on the itunes store 24 hours after they air on NBC.

Honourable mention – Prison Break

The second season of this show is vastly improved from the first, with non-stop action outweighing the flimsy premise. The addition of William Fitchner has turned out to be a great casting choice. Season 2 starts on five in the UK on January 15th.

Best DocumentaryGalapagos

This wildlife documentary is the reason I am getting a high-definition screen this week. Maybe. The fact that these islands are always moving blew me away. I just felt so… educated by the end of this 3-parter. I would pay to work on this programme, travelling the world, filming the most exotic animals, priceless. (For everything else there is …)

Honourable mention – Planet Earth

Same as above, but slightly less jaw-dropping this time round. I’m at work watching it right now, I never get tired of them. I still think every kid should be shown these in school, just so they can better understand the circle of life. If you are in the USS, Planet Earth airs on Discovery, if you are in Japan check out NHK. Download my favourite episode in High Def (720p) here.

and thats it. Next up, what to look forward to in 2007.




2 responses

1 01 2007

I was wondering what the hell I was gonna read after you closed your original blog down!

Just wanted to echo your sentiments on Arrested Development: Great comedy and a shame it was cut short. At least it will live on via DVD!

2 01 2007

I have all the episodes on my ipod, so I’ve started re watching it from the beginning on my way to work! woohoo!

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