New Years TV Celebrations

2 01 2007

Shortly after midnight on BBC1, Natasha Kaplinsky introduced Sophie Ellis-Bextor on stage to sing her latest single, and the mic didn’t work for the first 15 seconds of the song. I hate cringeworthy moments like that, but in the US and Japan, New Years Eve TV brought much harsher criticism.

In Japan, NHK had to issue an apology after their new years celebrations revealed more than they bargained for. During a performance by DJ Ozma (which was worth watching for the lyrics alone), some of the female dancers appear to be topless. A close friend tells me that the offending imagery is just after the 3 minute mark, haven’t checked it myself of course.

NHK, Japan’s biggest broadcaster, assured the nation that they were wearing flesh coloured body suits. At midnight. So that’s alrght then.

On MTV, TRL host Vanessa Minnillo managed to slip in the first “F*ck” of the new year, when the word rolled off her tongue as she introduced Chamillionaire.

That would be my one major fear about being a presenter. Having met one or two pesenters and seen how they talk, I have to say I’m surprised that doesn’t happen more often. Let’s hope Vanessa Minnillo doesn’t get fired, it could happen to anyone.



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