3 01 2007

Last night saw the return of Courteney Cox to TV, in her new show, Dirt. Cox plays Lucy Spiller, the editor-in-chief of a couple of tabloid magazines, and she loves to dish the dirt on celebrities.

I’m sure a few fans of friends tuned in, and if they were looking for Monica Geller they will have been shocked by the first episode, which included simulated strap-on action (Stefan Postma knows what I’m talking about), a cocaine overdose, and the kind of dark scenarios fouund in recent episodes of nip/tuck.

Elements of Dirt remind me of Entourage, but with more stylish camerawork. FX drama’s almost have that HBO quality to them, but with a lot less location shooting.

The writing was really well-paced up until the final third when things took a sharp turn downward. If the fading movie star saw his girlfriend in the homemade porno (if you haven’t seen it, you will have to take my word for it), surely that would be more reason to not care about giving any more gossip stories to the magazine? And as for why he crashed his car with both of them in it, pfffft. I can’t even construct a sentence to explain it. and neither could they.

I can imagine it will appeal to people in the media, as well as those types that read tabloid magazines, and there are loads of them. And nip/tuck fans may fancy it, something different from the law/order/medical holy trinity of drama.


I will tune in next week. and by tune in I mean have it on in the background while I clean. And by clean I mean wipe the dust off my monitor with my finger.



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