Man buys first TV in nearly 30 years.

3 01 2007

An interesting and well written piece here about a man who bought his first TV since moving to New York in 1974. It must have been a bit of a shock to him as he went from nothing to a 42″ Sony Bravia, but apart from that it prety much pans out as you would expect, as he starts to eat in front of it as shows signs of planning his life around it.
His next purchase really should be some sort of Tivo. This is my favourite piece of the article:-

The most important, quantifiable effect on a person exposed to television, experts told me, is time shifting.

“You shift time to the television,” said Annie Lang, a professor of telecommunications at Indiana University. “If you start watching television, there’s something else you’re not doing. Who knows what you were doing before?” Reading, seeing friends, bonding with partners, theater, film, restaurants — toast.

Almost (but not quite) as interesting are the comments about the article, and the amount of people who gave up TV ages ago and just download their favourite shows.

I am pretty much at that stage now, and to prove it I will be giving my 28″ widescreen to a local old people’s home retirement community later this week as my good deed for the year. Don’t worry, I hope to be getting some sort of LCD so I can watch my Hi-Def downloads within a week, just to redress the good deed/selfishness balance.




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