Boise 2-point conversion

4 01 2007

I was looking at the most-played videos on Youtube today, as I was looking for some quick highlights of last night’s Chelsea game, and everywhere I looked people had uploaded clips from this “Fiesta Bowl” American football game. Now because I was bored, and had a spare 23 seconds, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Because I have never watched an American Football match before (outside of a cinema setting), I am going to say, without a hint of hyperbole, that this is the best play I have ever seen. He fakes to throw right, and hands it off t o the guy on his left. 2 seconds left and Boise win the game. I’m guessing from the reaction of the commentators that this sort of play isn’t common. And then he proposes to his college sweetheart, and she says yes! (Becasue she was pressured into it on camera? Maybe!)




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