4 01 2007

Just a quick note to say that FOX have just announced that The O.C. has been cancelled. After cutting short the season from 22 episodes to 16, what was billed as the season finale on Feb 22nd, will now be the series finale.

I watched the Chrismukkah episode the other day, first time I watched it in ages. It was a terrible dream sequence piece of poop. I remember all the meta humour that Seth Cohen brought to the mix, clever little pieces of dialogue that weren’t meant for such a cheesy piece of cheese. They were all gone, it was all so pedestrian. I wonder what reality show FOX have lined up for February to May? More importantly, I wonder which UK broadcaster will be salivating at the thought of picking up the rights to said reality format? Unanimous 2 anyone?

The final season of The O.C starts on E4 next week in the UK.



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4 01 2007


5 01 2007
OC Fan (Matt)

The last season was terrible but I can’t help but think it could get better with some new writers!

5 01 2007

FOX have never heard the phrase “It could get better.” Patience is something they are really lacking..

7 02 2007

i hate fox! i’ve been watching this show since 5th grade its grown to be a part of me for four/five years i dont know what im gonna do wihtout it

15 02 2007

i just started watching the oc at season 3 and it is the best show by far to me i think fox sucks ass for doing that shit i mean if a stupid ass show like friends can go ass long as it did i mean come on for real BOYCOTT FOX

16 02 2007
Clff Burger

Hi! The O.C. Girls.
This is Cliff Burger Live in Flagstaff, Arizona. 86004..
Fox 20 Studio.. I miss you alots The O.C Star are Great!
I love Those Laguna Beach & Orange County, California..
Fox 11 Los Angeles..
I have The O.C. Seasons 1 & 2 & 3 DVD. Smile.
Love cliff Burger Fox 20 Studio..

28 07 2008

i miss the oc…. please bring it backkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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