The Knights of Prosperity

4 01 2007

As some of you may know, I had a job interview a while back, that involved me giving my verdict on a comedy and a drama. Well this is the comedy that I had to watch, and it premiered last night on ABC in the US.

It’s a serialised story of five New Yorkers, down on their luck. So the lead guy decides, while watching some sort of fazux-cribs type show that the proles can’t get enough of, that they are going to rob Mick Jagger. That epiphany moment in itself is very similar to “My Name is Earl”, and the similarities don’t stop there.

There is a hot Latino woman, there is a quite stupid fat guy, and there is lots of running around trying to put right want went wrong. It’s actually very funny. BUT, and it’s a big but, it’s not an ABC comedy. This is the sort of show you would see on FOX, maybe NBC, but never ABC. and it’s for this reason that I think it will fail, and I told the people at my job interview this. And I think they agreed with me… anyway, I’m still in contact with them, and I’m sure they remember what I said about this program.

So you could say I have a vested interest in seeing it fail, but I’m a bigger man than that, I like to see talent rewarded. I want it to start off well and then fade into obscurity. I didn’t get the job. and I’m not bitter. I’ll let you know if I have to scrape egg of my face about 6pm.


and “Knights” was fourth in it’s timeslot. It was beaten by a Criminal Minds repeat, a new episode of Deal or No Deal and some football game called “The Sugar Bowl” (are they serious?) on FOX. So.. it seems I was right. Good show, not much of a future methinks.. It did ok in 18-49’s though.




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