Lost Trailer

5 01 2007

Over the weekend, during the college bowl games (like I know what they are) there was a trailer for the remainder of Lost Season 3.

If you are in the UK, and never watched Lost before now, but feel compelled to after this promo, don’t get sucked in. This is how all TV is trailed in the US. Even the local news. I kid you not. I love the way the announcer says “this season delivers, like no other show on television”. It does sometimes, but “Deliverance” is Heroes middle name. That is, if it had a first name. or surname.

Anywho, Lost returns to Sky One, I believe, February 11th.




2 responses

5 01 2007
Corrupted Mind

To say I love US trailers is an understatement… they have perfected hype “like no other country in the world!”… CM

8 01 2007

I am so going to watch this!!! I really love this show. But, with 24 and Heroes coming back I am just going to have too much TV to watch.

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