IPTV for the Xbox 360?

7 01 2007

I was looking at my blog stats for the last couple of days, and I noticed a fair number of people end up here after searching for “Xbox streaming” or TV streaming xbox”, or any combination of the above.

First of all, I thought that these people were just latecomers to the parade that was the unveiling of the Xbox live TV/Movie download service, that started a couple of months ago.

But I was looking at Digg tonight and I noticed that apparently some blogger leaked details of Bill Gates Keynote speech at the start of CES tomorrow, and that one of the things he may announce is the start of an IPTV service, with the Xbox 360 as the platform.

What is IPTV, you might ask? Well Wikipedia explains it better than I can, but it’s basically a digital TV that streams over the “interweb”, as opposed to using an aerial or a dish, to get a signal into your “telly box”. Sounds great, as long as the people who make programs are on board.

Now William’s speech is in Vegas on Sunday night, which is bedtime for me in London, so I’ll check it out on Monday morning, and blog my findings right here.



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