A Pale Pale Shadow…

9 01 2007


Last night I watched the latest episode of The Simpsons, and that program has fallen off. Admittedly it is falling from the highest of heights, but that episode stank up the place!

There was one joke in 22 minutes that made me smile, it was something about Marge’s favourite show, and burning it to DVD, and downloading it to her ipod, it was one to chuchle at. But apart from that, nothing. A parody of “A Perfect Storm”? Have they been drawing this episode for 6 years?

It is a real shame to see this happening to this great, great program, but there is no end in sight. As funny as the trailers for the movie have been, all the signs point to the super-stupid Homer of recent years that is funny for some, but can’t be sustained over a single episode, let alone a feature-film. but I live in hope…




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