An hour and a half to go to til Macworld opens..

9 01 2007

.. and I have a prediction.

Steve Jobs will announce a renamed set-top box, and not only will it be able to wirelessly stream video, it will have a huge hard drive for HD downloads and google content. What? All that was already announced? Well I’m boned in the sweepstake then! Check back here at 6 to see what he did reveal that will change the way you watch TV. And I mean figuratively, not “the angle you sit at to watch television”. Unless he unveils a new kind of chair.. and calls it an “ichair”. Oh I am sooo copyrighting that idea!

Ok, he is speaking now..

Since launch in November 2005, itunes has sold 50 million TV shows.

Started with one network and 3 shows, there are now 350 shows on the itunes store for download.

iTV’s new name is… Apple TV.

Enjoy your media on your Widescreen TV.

Wirelessly transmit your content to TV.

720p HD.

Video, music, photos.

Use itunes to sync movies from Mac to apple TV.

Apple TV display has episode summary text on screen, plus episode navigation.

I think that’s it for TV, my arm hurts from copy/pasting, I’m going to stop now. If this thing plays DivX, I’m down like a clown Charlie Brown.

EDIT:- He’s just unveiled the iphone.. well that’s not what i was expecting..




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