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9 01 2007

Following on from my story about TV on the decline in the UK, I was just ranting to someone about how much lower it can go, how much worse it can get. We were talking about this weekend in the UK, when 3 of the terrestrial channels showed “celebrity” contests, and the alternatives were a CSI and I’m not sure what was on BBC2.  

Soapstar Superstar, Just the Two of Us, Celebrity Big Brother, all the premises are poor versions of existing shows, even if you are the most ardent reality TV fan.

Granted, to a certain extent, people will watch what they are told to watch (especially ITV viewers), so why can’t broadcasters try and elevate the intelligence level of these people beyond that of a vacant mouth breather? I’m really not being snobby, but there has got to be more talent out there in the UK than is currently being displayed in our screens.

The funny thing is, I’m ranting but I haven’t watched any terrestrial TV for about 6 days, I’m in between TV’s. I just think this countrys TV situation is headed the same way as our newspaper industry, with the biggest sales going to papers that show nobodies falling out of clubs without knick-knacks on, or snorting mounds of coke. Doesn’t anybody want to be smarter?? Read an article written before mine, but highlighting some of the same points, here.




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9 01 2007

You are snobby =P

9 01 2007

I know. 😉

9 01 2007

‘people will watch what they are told to watch’ – excuse me? I watch what I want to, that I deam entertaining. I know it’s not exactly high brow, but I don’t give a shit! Big Brother entertains me and surely that is the purpose of TV? One thing may entertain a few million which might not entertain another few million – doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on television, does it now?

9 01 2007

You make a balanced and fair point – the never ending of supply of ‘cheap to produce reality TV’ does little to entertain myself, I to sat at home and just thought what on earth is going on in the world. The only choice I had on the terrestrial networks was low grade, low production rubbish.

Reality TV overload serves no ones interests apart from reducing the production costs of network executive.

9 01 2007
Corrupted Mind

Sorry Kate , afraid you don’t watch what you want to but rather what the TV is showing… and on a day when there is reality programming on three out of five terrestrial channels at the same time it isn’t much of a choice!

10 01 2007

I could watch something we’ve downloaded, or a DVD, or simply go outside! I choose to watch Big Brother thank you very much!

10 01 2007
Corrupted Mind

You’re missing the point I’m afraid. The vast amount of UK TV viewers watch terrestrial TV (which means 5 channels). Now when you consider that the three channels that were all, in effect, showing the same thing were the big three (BBC1, ITV and C4). What choice does a UK TV viewer have. (Well you stated two, but one of them is hardly mainstream, or legal in some cases – I mean, I wonder how much TV your mum or dad downloads, or your gran for that matter. Also, a DVD requires you to have bought yourself a DVD player and a film or two or possess a membership to somewhere which rents DVDs if you want to watch some new content – and by the time you have done either, its hardly a free experience, like watching the TV is it???!??)

Noone is attacking watching Big Brother, even Ruvjet isn’t attacking the premise of any of the shows mentioned but rather pointing out its derivative nature, or, if you like the unreality of these reality shows where faded celebrities or personalities (who actually have a day job in sport, or news) participate in these shows to increase their celebrity value (if there is such a thing) or popularity. – In my view its very similar to advertising only people are on sale and that must be sad, no?

11 01 2007

Ok, now you see I was referring to myself, not the population of the UK, as you wrote “you” (meaning I) didn’t have a choice in what I was watching. Downloading and/or watching one of my vast collection of DVD’s is what I also like to do when there’s nothing else on (which includes the whole of sky in my case!).

I can definitely see your point – there’s not much choice on TV, but that’s just the state of play at the moment. Reality TV is cheap and pulls in lots of viewing figures (whether you believe that or not), which means there must be people out there who enjoy it, surely? It’s just the latest trend at the moment, which I agree is not the most stimulating, thought-provoking, high-quality TV should be perhaps?! The world is dumbing down, but that is due to poor schooling, underage pregnancy and many other socio-economic factors, not just what terrestrial TV is showing. Ruvjet – you’ll have to find out the ratio of people who watch just the five channels compared to digital, Sky and Cable.

I understand that it’s sad how they class these shows as ‘Celebrity’ – but as Leo Sayer said regarding Jade – ‘what is celebrity?’ With the high production of gossip magazines which come out on a weekly basis, they need people to write about, even if that means they’ve been on TV for 5 minutes. Sad but true – so people are buying these magazines, and classing them as celebs!

As for ‘old’ celebs trying to get exposure or back into the limelight – why not? They might need the money or are trying to release a new album. (They’re putting themselves up for ridicule for the publics entertainment anyway – that’s the risk they take.) Take Preston for example last year. Ordinary Boys hardly made a splash and were sinking fast, but the interest he picked up for the band helped them top the charts (if charts actually matter anymore either but that’s for another discussion). Now whether this is a good or a bad thing (or is ‘sad’) is up to you – I personally wouldn’t mind hearing some of Jermaine’s material – see if he’s better than his brother yet!

If for some reason someone out there does enjoy Big Brother, I suggest you have a read of my blog – – not all just about Big Brother mind you!

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