Sex Wii

10 01 2007

Playing the wii is my new favourite thing. In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s better than crap sex. Or at least comparable. Actually that’s not true, but I needed a segue into this youtube video that shows how you can increase the fun for you and your partner. Viewer discretion is advised. Now is not the time to gather your family around the monitor and show them how embedded video works. Watch the video after the jump..

Tomorrow, I’ll be telling you about how much fun it is to watch (almost) fullscreen youtube videos on your TV, and control all with the wiimote. Now I can watch cats fall into toilets, Nigerian soap operas and Happyslip from the comfort of my sofa! In your face world!




One response

10 01 2007
Corrupted Mind

At least now I understand why everytime I’m speaking to you on the phone you’re so desperate to get back to your Wii. (I guess when I come around I’m bringing my own Wii-mote…) CM

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