My New TV…

11 01 2007

Well it’s so new, it is sitting in the factory. That’s right, I haven’t bought one yet. I’ve narrowed my choice down to four. remember this TV is for a bedroom, so I don’t need any 42″, 1080p playing, 3 HDMI input sporting monster. Just a flat-screen to ease me in and out of my slumber, and create some new space in my room vacated by the CRT monster that took up half a wall.

In short, the choices are as follows. First up there is this JVC (26DX7BJ). This is first simply because I have an uncle who works there. It’s quite ugly, but offers a decent picture, and has 2 HDMI inputs. I’m still waiting on a price, but if my uncle says £300-400, it might be worth my time. Next up is a Toshiba (26WLT66) that if I pricematch correctly, I can get for around £489, which isn’t bad at all. I have heard lots of good things, again 2 HDMI inputs, and great sound. But it looks boring, although black is better than silver. Finally this Sony Bravia (262010) has the looks, the picture quality and a premium price to match at £599. Is the Bravia Engine worth an extra hundred that I could splash on…miscellaneous?

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