Friday Night Lights

14 01 2007

a tale of two kinds of Friday Night Lights, the movie and bars in London at the end of the working week, all intertwined. Earlier this week, I watched the movie that the TV show is based on, and I was blown away. I have no shame in admitting that I cried. In front of my other half. At a movie! Only one other film has made me shed a tear, and that was Schindler’s list which we all know isn’t the happiest tale.

I want to talk about the highs and the lows, what makes it so good but I can’t give too much away. I think it’s a real man film though. Sport sport sport sport. There are a few differences between the movie and the series though, including the team member who gets the career threatening injury. I daresay I will have to read the award-winning book now to find out how it really happened. the movie is also set in 1988, wheras the TV show is set in the pesent day.

But yea, having sung the praises of the TV series, I can only sing higher (A flat?) about this film. So it was a travesty when I left my bag in a bar on Friday night just gone. Because it had the DVD in the side pocket. And it’s not mine. and I wasn’t even drunk, I walked out stone cold sober.

But never fear, because nobody touched the bag (who would, in these terrorist filled times we live in), so it was still in the bar the next day! Bo, I hear you cry! wait, what’s that? You don’t care? Well you won’t want me to remind you to keep your personal belongings with you at all times. And also to make sure that if you are in the UK, whether you like Sport or not, to watch Friday night Lights when it preieres on ITV4 in February. and if you are in the US,  just enough of you watch it so it gets renewed for next season? Cheers!




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