24 – The first 4 episodes

16 01 2007

Well what can I say. 2 and a half episodes in, I was wondering if 24 could still surprise me, I had seen it all before. Every year the premiere of this show has managed to top the previous, but I was feeling a bit jaded by the first couple this time round. Muslim extremists with weapons of mass destructionIf you don’t want to read any spoilers, don’t read on.

But then the last 20 minutes of episode 4, what the hell? I knew something was up with Curtis, because of a spoiler I read a little while back. But I didn’t think it would turn out like that! And from the look on his face, neither did Curtis! I love the way that after the killing, Jack is questioning his actions and his role, because what is happening is very convoluted at that moment. He just shot one of his own men and he helped a terrorist get a pardon? This is going to be a crazy season…

And I have to say the mushroom cloud over L.A. was fantastic, a sign of how far technology has come in the editing/graphics fields since this show first went on the air. If I recall correctly, they didn’t even show the explosion in season 2, and I always wondered if it was because they didn’t have the skills.

If you want a list of all the people Jack has killed over the last 5 years, including the method and a handy snapshot, click here.




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