Lost gets an End date?

16 01 2007

Serialised dramas are all well and good, but they have to end sometime. The problem is, writers of a show don’t often see eye to eye with the people that are trying to sell advertising around the show, network executives. Ultimately, the goal of advertising led TV is to sell products. If a hit show is bringing x amount of eyeballs to a TV screen, that is good, because they can sell advertising spots for more in between the story. So it stands to reason that if lots of people are still watching, and a network is still making it’s money, there will be a problem when the writer says that the story is coming to an end.

So it was with this in mind that I was shocked to read that the executive producers of Lost have announced that they want to find a definite endpoint for the show.

“It’s time for us now to find an endpoint for the show,” said executive producer Carlton Cuse. “JK Rowling announced there were seven books in the Harry Potter series and it gives fans [a framework for understanding the arc of the show]. ‘The X-Files’ was a cautionary tale for us. It was a great show that ran two seasons too long. ‘Lost’ has a short-half life.”

This is great news! But the article went on to say that Steve McPherson was quick to dismiss the idea, and he wouldn’t be drawn on a time when the show would end (or something like that, I’m not reading the article again!) He also mentioned his plan to run the whole season in one block next year, whether in the Autumn or the Spring is as yet undecided. Click here for the full article, even though i have just told you all the best parts.




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