17 01 2007

Depending on the order I choose to publish them, this could be the first in a series of articles I am writing about the myriad of ways you can access great TV shows at the current time, both legal and illegal.

I’m starting with streaming, because most of the incoming searches to this blog are people looking for streaming versions of their favourite show. You don’t want to know the tech behind it, so I’ll just tell you that it is the simplest way to access TV online.

You click on a link on a website, and the show opens up in a (almost) fullscreen browser window, hosted by one of the online video services that are getting smaller in Youtube’s shadow by the day. I notice that a lot of TV shows are hosted on Daily Motion. Maybe they have the slackest rules or something.

Examples of sites that do this are AllofTV and TV links. Before you click on these links, we should explore the legality of it. I’m no lawyer, but I can’t see how anyone can cuff you for this one. The person who has uploaded it to Daily Motion has commited a crime, if Daily Motion don’t remove it with 14 days they could also face charges under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, but for you the humble viewer it’s the quickest way to watch the shows you want. There is no software to install, you just need a decent browser. I recommend Firefox. The quality isn’t that great, and it’s not quite a fullscreen experience, but what it lacks in pixel power, it makes up for with ease of use and convenience, especially if you are at work and can’t install the necessary bittorrent software to banish those work blues.

20th Century Fox recently took action against one of the sites that links to this material, I have yet to hear the outcome but the guy that received the “cease and desist” hasn’t stopped hosting links. I’ll keep my eye on that one. Increases in broadband speeds are creating a world filled with pirates, generations who aren’t accustomed to paying for anything, through advertising, sponsorship or subscription. If this continues any longer, it could have damning results for the industry… in the long term of course, not while I’m there. ha!




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