Rocky versus… the other Rocky’s! We need a montaaaage!

21 01 2007

This isn’t strictly TV related, but it’s the weekend so what the hell. Which one of these montages is better? The first is from Rocky, the 1978 motion picture that helped make the name of Sylvester Stallone. Everyone knows the music, nearly 30 years later and the whole scene is still a part of pop culture.

The second montage, naturally from Rocky II, is better in my opinion. Fair enough it’s not original, but Kudos for taking it that one step further and including the kids. And there is an added kick to the music, which isn’t bad. Watch it, it’s not shit.

The original may have won oscars, but the second makes me feel like jumping up and down shouting “Yeah, F*ck yeah!!!”. Just having the balls to do the same scene on the steps again , great work. That brings us to Rocky III, and the most homo-erotic montage of the series. Thanks to Arrested Development, I can no longer look at Carl Weathers any more without thinking about his money saving tips, or him dating Lucille Austero, but here he seems happy training Rocky on the beach. Very happy.

I must say that the above has the funkiest version of the theme tune. Almost P-Funk. In contrast, the montage from Rocky IV may have looked good at the time, but it looks very dated by todays standards. It has a No Retreat, No Surrender feel to it, and there is no way that can be a good thing. Although I spoke to someone who said they like that one best of all. Click here if you want to see it, it’s not good enough to embed in this post.

I remember after Rocky IV, I really wanted to be a boxer. It was around the time I can imagine I was easily influenced by movies that had a montage before a big finale. I think it was the summer of ’86 that I wanted to be a Karate Man (Karate Kid Part II), an astronaut (Space Camp) But then around the same time, I remember wanting to be a professional breakdancer (Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo), and wanting to be in on the arm wrestling scene, after watching Over The Top. Despite the potentially low wage. and the beatings, mustn’t forget the beatings.


I’ve added the montage for Rocky Balboa, which is a great return to form! Click here and scroll to about 6 minutes in.

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