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22 01 2007

Since I started this new blog thingie, I have received numerous comments from people, most of them favourable. I thought that I would address them publicly, by posting them here and letting everyone know a bit more about me…

-So what’s wrong with British TV then?

-Wow, you watch a lot of TV…

-So what’s your favourite program then? (Duh!)

-I never knew you were such a TV geek!

-Do you really watch all that TV?

-So what do you do in TV then?

-“Program X” is way past it’s sell by date! I can’t believe you still watch it!

-You need to get a life mate!

-You come across as elitist. Nobody likes that.

-I think you should talk about “Program X” on your blog.

-What’s wrong with watching normal TV?

-Where can I stream/download “program X” from?

-Do you ever watch Home & Away?

I would answer these, but I’m trying to think of one more thing to post about before I leave it for tonight… Oh, I’ll just publish them and leave it like that! Throw caution to the wind, shame be damned! Think of me what you will!




2 responses

24 01 2007

Can you stop patronising me? Please!

24 02 2008

Anybody would marvel the wichtiges I think about and do and theorize about are imperceptibly respective things. It was acquiring to identify through to me that it was coyly a stranger.

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