TV from my games console?

22 01 2007

One of the newest ways for people to watch downloaded content on their TV’s is through their shiny new games console. Both Microsoft and Sony have gone to great lengths to get their hardware in your living room, and neither one of them is satisfied with you just using it to play games…

Microsofts Xbox 360 has been on sale for over a year now, and they have established the best online experience by a long way. The US Live marketplace now has an option to stream or download TV and movies (in HD) to the pitifully small hard drive. The official word on the HD material is here. More recently at Microsoft, they announced an IPTV service that I have already covered here. Seeing as this would be a lot more like traditional linear TV, I will skip right past that and tell you about Sony’s offerings.

Sony’s response to Microsofts IPTV announcement was to say that they are working on something similar, and to their credit they had actually talked about using the PS3 as some sort of TV device as early as the middle of last year, so it’s not just talk. Right now though, they have a download service running only in Japan, and it’s called P-TV. I’m assuming the ‘P’ is for Playstation, because if it’s not, I’m going to spread the word that it stands for poo. The service is in it’s early stages, and at the moment Japanese PS3 users can only download trailers, which are free. Click here for shots of the Japanese version of the P-TV service, up and running now.

Other than that, I know there are ways of streaming content from a PC through a 360 onto a TV screen, which sounds cool in theory but I’m sure would require lots of brain power that I can’t spare. I have yet too find out if you can dump video files on a PS3 and play them as is… in fact I’ll go and find out about that now, and let you know!

Whooo, I’m back, and I know less than when I went away. The final way to watch TV that I’m going to highlight, and it’s really poor, is watching Youtube (or many of the other flash video thingies out there) through your Wii. I have done it when there is no computer free in the house, but as Chris Rock once said, “Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean it’s to be done”. And he was right. You might as well watch normal TV, things can’t be that bad. There is also talk of media centre type apps for the wii, but the last time I checked none of them were really at a standard where I would recommend them. My new LCD arrives on Thursday, at which point I will start giving serious thought to who I will give my legal tender to for hig-def content. Right now it’s Xbox for the win, but if Sony pulled out it’s Columbia back catalogue, you’re looking at… a lot of Seinfeld that I already own on DVD…. Hmmm, choices.

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31 10 2010
Compatible Ink :

just the mere look of Chris Rock would give you laughs already “

24 11 2010
Bariatric Surgery

oh well, chris rock is damn funny. i like his corny jokes and stuffs ;-;

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