The Office S03E13 – The Return

23 01 2007

A couple of months ago NBC conducted an experimet with The Office. They aired the episode Branch Closing (S03E07) as normal on TV, and then placed an extended version on itunes, which had a plot line that had t obe cut for time reasons. Well it must have worked (or failed miserably and this is the last chance) because this week they did it again. This weekend I somehow contrived to download and delete my DivX version of The Office, so I thought I would use itunes as my bitch and watch it on my boring tube ride to work.

Well it’s cool I guess. The quality of the additional 8 minutes wasn’t less than that of a normal show, because I ddin’t even notice it. I think they are onto something here, in a way more clever than DVD extras. For fans of a show, it’s an ideal way to see stuff that is cut for time and advertising reasons. What I wouldn’t like to see is extra footage written into an episode for the express purpose of being called an extended episode.

Anyway, my thoughts on the episode are that I am glad that Andy guy is gone, he was getting annoying. And is it just me or is this Jim/Pam/Hot girl thing becoming less funny and more tense? It may just be that Rashida Jones does a hurt face so well, but I am not lookng forward to how this one pans out… see what I mean below. Look out for Season 3 on ITV2 early in 2008.

Here is a handy fact for you. In the US, The Office is the show with the most number of viewers that earn $100,000 or more. When you stick with a promising show, despite the pressure of low ratings, you get your rewards. Fox could learn a lot from this. Like how to program TV between September and December.



2 responses

24 01 2007

Talk about melodrama… bring back Sunset Beach!

24 01 2007

I love Sunset Beach! BRING IT BACK!

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