30 Rock S01E11 – The Head and the Hair

24 01 2007

This program just gets better and better. Fearless yet gentle mocking of the average TV viewer? Love it! Tina Fey’s self depracating style of writing? Thats how I would write, if I could write well. And the joke about Moonvest? I didn’t fully understand it first time round, because I didn’t see what the tramp was wearing, but yes, funniest moment yet for me. I love jokes that get better with time. I loved Jack’s premises for new programming at NBC…

What do you think sounds like the better idea for a new show? A talk show without a host, just the voice of the dead lady from Desperate Housewives, or a reality show with a lot of super hot nannies, who move into a house and teach fat kids how to lose weight?

I think they just about covered everything there. The nannies could be celebrities though, and the house could be on an island?




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