Another scene from The Simpsons Movie

24 01 2007

More details are emerging about The Simpsons movie coming out this summer. The Daily News has an interview with Matt Groening, and he divulges a few tidbits about the upcoming motion picture. The most interesting is the ‘crack team of writers’ that he says they got into the room to discuss the movie. As I have written before, if that team doesn’t involve Conan O’ Brien and John Swartzwelder, if it isn’t run by Jennifer Crittenden and given her full approval, then it won’t be as funny as this. And if it’s not as funny as that, then it will still make a ton of money but I will be empty inside up on leaving the theatre. If you are reading ths Matt, don’t pander to the most dimwitted. Make them work their brain harder to get the joke. Here’s a quote from the interview:-

I will say this — we have things in the movie that you can’t do on TV,” Groening says. “There may be some nudity. It may be people you want to see naked. It may be people you don’t want to see naked. But you will see things that you’ve never seen before.”

As the mind reels at Groening’s minor-key revelation (a full-frontal Comic Book Man — good God, no!), it should be noted that “The Simpsons Movie” will be rated PG-13 (“we hope,” Groening jokes), feature every character in Springfield’s vast universe (right down to Itchy & Scratchy and the Bumblebee Man) and attempt to strike a balance between Homer’s slapstick stupidity and character-based comedy.

Ok, sounds good. Click below for an unfinished scene from the movie. Opens worldwide July 7th 2007. Click here for the full interview.




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