Life on Mars

24 01 2007

My favourite BBC drama returns next month. Life On Mars is the story of a man who was hit by a car in the opening episode, and wakes up in 1973. He doesn’t know if he has travelled back in time, or whether he is in a coma, which let’s face it, is the more likely occurence. Anyway, he was a cop in 2006, and so he is a cop in 73, but Sweeney/Starsky and Hutch style. Great writing, soundtrack and use of the test card girl make it something that if you didn’t catch the first time round, you blew it big time. But there is still hope for you, because you can watch the promo for series 2, shot in the style of 70’s BBC cartoons, after the jump.

Life on Mars returns February … something… I’ll find out later, I’m going to take pictures of the snow! Good times! In your face climate change!




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15 04 2007
Life on Mars in the US « Me and the TV

[…] almost probably the one that will be picked up is a remake of Life On Mars, the BBC drama that returns to screens later this month. In the Us the show is being run by David E. Kelley whose credits include Ally […]

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