I funded this advert!

25 01 2007

Well my new TV arrived today, a 26″ Sony bravia LCD. But you don’t have Sky HD or Telewest TV Drive, I hear you cry! What’s the point? You are quite right, I won’t be lining the pockets of Rupert Murdoch or Richard Branson to view slightly clearer pictures, but we all know there are other ways to get high definition content. Read more about my HD geekfest after the jump.

First of all, I bought myself an upscaling DVD player. For those that don’t know, this will bring my average DVD’s up to something like a Hi-def standard. I download over half of the TV I watch at the moment, and this is only growing. This DVD player also upscales DivX which makes the stuff I download look good, or so I’m told. I downloaded almost all the Planet Earth”s for this reason alone. If the DVD player turns out to be a crock of shit, I’ll connect the LCD straight to my mac, and play the files off there. I’m not a fan of long cables though. Or pointing remotes at one thing, just to make another thing work. Or two screens that are on at the same time. I’m trying to simplify here…

Anywho, none of what I’ve suggested is proper HD, it’s all stopgap. Which is why the next games console I buy will be all the more important. I had almost settled on an Xbox 360 after CES, for a number of reasons. You can play games in HD out of the box with no worries, they have the Xbox live marketplace which allows for TV and movie downloads in HD, and they unveiled the IPTV thing which will support HD, although I’m pretty sure that it would be a subscription service and I am allergic to those.

Then last night at midnight Sony unveiled the PS3 launch details in the “Eurozone” (Don’t call it that). Nothing that we didn’t already know, £425, March 23, no 20GB version at launch. Now I’m not about to pay anything like that price, but amid all the whining on forums about high prices, I realised how cheap the lower priced version can be obtained for in Japan. That translate to £168! So I might do this, and get in on the Blu-ray at the same time. Again, maybe. I might spend my money on something worthwhile, like a life. Nah, I’ll get ripped-off.

So yes, I am finally back in the game, watching TV through an antenna/aerial, and I can participate in all those discussions about ITV reality shows and BBC3 sketch comedies around the watercooler. Although why I got a watercooler for my bedroom, I don’t know. It’s an investment, I keep telling myself.

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