Paris Hilton exposed… again.

26 01 2007

you know this blog is about any form of video, right? From the most  expensive production of all time (Rome Season 2) to the cheapest homemade crap, this blog is at the epicentre of it all, as long it is appearing on your TV screens or computer monitors.

So it is with this most tenuous of links that I will be giving people a link to the latest videos from the one and only Paris Hilton. Basically she left some stuff in a storage unit, forgot to pay the monthly fee, so the stuff got put up for auction. Some sleazebag won the auction, and put all her goodies on ebay. Gutted. Expect the internet to come to a standstill this weekend, as people everywhere go searching for these clips, for research purposes of course. As one of my faithful readers, you can download the lot (90.7mb) here. Nothing too explicit, just some random T&A.  (Is it just me, or does she actually appear to be quite pretty without make up? Just me? Ok, i’m going to  bed now.)



One response

28 01 2007
Corrupted Mind

Well I downloaded and watched the lot (I still don’t know or understand why – the aliens made me do it!?!)… Just wondering if every one else who watched this had that foreboding feeling that the bloke was making the tape for internet public consumption – only she didn’t know it!!! (If I were her all my friends/boyfriends/acquaintances would have to respect a camcorder free zone)… anyways nuff said… still can’t believe I watched it… I’m disgusted with myself… and Ruvjet you should be too… you should be focused on the TV!!! CM

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