Ratings for the week Jan 15-21 in the US and UK

26 01 2007

Football, football, football. Even Fox’s largest primetime entertainment audience couldn’t stop the most viewed Championship game since 1986. The effect of the top four seemed to put a drain on everything else, as big guns go head to head all over the schedule.

Outside of the top 10, it should be noted that the Scrubs musical episode flopped spectacularly, doing worse than its (terrible) average for the season. It seems that putting up clips on youtube does not translate to viewers gathering around the TV. At least in this case. 24 was big, but next week Heroes will be challenging for that Monday 9pm slot. Or maybe something else will come along and beat them both. (I already know that something did… do you see what I did there? Made myself look psychic! Kablamo!)

1. AFC Championship Post Gun (New England vs. Indianapolis), CBS, 47.7 million viewers

2. AFC Championship Game (New England vs. Indianapolis), CBS, 46.7 mil.

3. American Idol (Tues.), Fox, 37.4 mil.

4. American Idol (Wed.), Fox, 36.9 mil.

5. AFC Championship Postgame (New England vs. Indianapolis), CBS, 29.4 mil.

6. Grey’s Anatomy, ABC, 21.9 mil.

7. CSI, CBS, 21.4 mil.

8. 64th Annual Golden Globes, NBC, 20 mil.

9. Desperate Housewives, ABC, 17.1 mil.

10. NCIS, CBS, 16 mil.

In the UK, some big stuff happened just outside the top 10. Dancing on Ice (13th) managed a respectable 8.51 million viewers, while the Jade Goody interview on Celebrity Big Brother was big with 7.66 million, giving Ugly Betty (52nd) a huge lead in, allowing the show to almost break the 5 million barrier. In the top 10 itself, the march of the soaps contiunes unabated. I notice Coronation Street on twice in one evening? What the fudge? Now I’m not saying I know 12 million people, but who the hell is watching this?? I don’t know one person (maybe my sister, I forget) who likes this, are all it’s viewers from ‘The North’? If you are a southern softie and can’t wait to get your daily fix of Corrie, email me at maybeitsbecauseimanortherner@idontcare.com

1. Coronation Street (Mon), ITV1, 12.13 million viewers.

2. Coronation Street (Mon), ITV1, 11.89 mil

3. Coronation Street (Wed), ITV1, 11.09 mil

4. Coronation Street (Sun), ITV1, 10.63 mil

5. Coronation Street (Fri), ITV1, 10.56 mil

6. Eastenders (Tues), BBC1, 9.89 mil.

7. Eastenders (Thurs), BBC1, 9.42 mil

8. Eastenders (Mon), BBC1, 9.21 mil

9. Eastenders (Fri), BBC1, 9.03 mil

10. Emmerdale (Thurs), ITV1, 8.98 mil




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