Skins S01E01 – Update 1

26 01 2007

Skins is the first British drama since E4 launched six years ago. At launch, they had a show called As If, which I always thought was pretty good. A friend of my sisters was in it, so I may have been a little biased though. This is in a similar vein, some young teens trying out drinking, drugging and sexing it up, the main difference being that they are middle class. And that is a good place to start the comparisons.

This program has the stink of The O.C all over it. the characters seem quite privileged, and it is filled with the sort of fast paced chatter that was The O.C’s staple diet. But the lead boy in this, as slick as he is, never reaches the meta humour levels of early Seth Cohen. I’ll give it time, but his Fonzie act could wear thin pretty quickly.

Sometimes the problem with 30-somethings writing dialogue for teens is that they are ever so slightly out of touch, however hard they try. I’m late 20’s, but unless the word has come full circle, I know that the yoof of today don’t say “safe” half as much as the kids in this program do. That was bothering me by the end.

Other than those minor irritations, this was a solid first episode. One of the reasons I constantly slate British drama is their lack of attention to detail when it comes to production values. This program looked as real as any I have seen of late, and I didn’t think for one second I was staring at a set. I also liked the little Harry Enfield cameo. I have to say I quite enjoyed it. I’m not part of that world, and I would like another peek into it next week.

Visit the myspace for skins here.


The ratings for Skins are in. 1.4 million, the largest audience E4 has ever had for a UK show without Big Brother in the title. Doesn’t sound like much, but if it means more UK drama being commissionned, then its only a good thing.




3 responses

28 02 2007

Erm teens say safe all the time, me being a teen, i should know. But yeh, solid review. I’ll subscribe to your blog if I can, or just bookmark it.

28 02 2007

Ok cool, thanks for the info. i thought that word was dead and buried, I stand corrected..

27 04 2008

I love skins it is cool and I always say safe (especially on msn) and I really fancy sid and tony mwahh to them i’m so sad that skins is getting rid of the cast it’s unfair anyway

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